Mums-to-be often wonder: What goes in the nappy bag? For most mums, the answer will come naturally as you start learning what your baby needs. But what else would help you enhance that innate nursing ability? Here are some tips and suggestions, that I either cannot live without or highly desire to add to my bag.


This can be particularly useful in the early days after birth. I remember I had to have a full plate of snacks, pint of water and a glass of soy milk to get through the midnig
ht feeding sessions. Also, a night light was definitely essential.

This cup has 3 functions in 1 – contain drinking water, prevent spillage and a gentle night light that won’t shock you and your baby’s eyes. Not to mention, it’s good for day and night, in or out of the house, for mums/dads and toddlers. Such fair price as well!

Anyway Up Lite Cup 2 PACK 12 Months 360° degree drinking cup

Bamboo Bamboo Baby Suction Bowl 

The suction bowl prevents babies from grabbing and throwing the bowl around and make a messy spillage all over your dining room. It also helps making the bowl stay while your baby is learning to feed herself using her hands. The bamboo material looks very modern and chic.

Baby Suction Bowl and Matching Spoon Set, Suction Stay Put Feeding Bowl, Natural Bamboo (Orange)